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Saturday, June 13, 2015
By Martha Peoples
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 I just had a great pinup shoot Friday!  We had a blast and I thought it was a good idea to blog again about preparing for a pinup shoot.

Now that you finally worked up enough nerve to schedule a pinup photo shoot, what's next?  You think you know what you are looking for, but you're not quite sure.  Well the good news is, at Martha Peoples Photography, we offer a free consultation before your session.  After you come in and talk to us about the style you want, we ask you to go to Pinterest and set up an idea board.  On this board you will pin outfits, props and poses you like.  That way we know exactly what you are looking for!  We do have a big variety of props in the studio, but you might want to bring something of your own. Props can be fun and also show what your hobbies are or your significate other does for a living. We have some outfits, but we suggest that you bring your own so that you know that they fit and are unique to just you. Uniforms, bathing suits, shorts and crop tops or sundresses are good choices. 

WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO HAVE YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE PROFFESSIONALLY!!!  The hair and makeup are one of the most important aspects of the shoot.  We have vendors that we can recommend if you do not have a stylist that is comfortable in doing pinup makeup or hair.  You might also consider having your nails done since your hands and feet will be featured in your pictures.  Red nail polish is perfect for pinup.  Also be sure you have red lipstick for touch-ups.  Be sure to shave, tweeze and wax anywhere that needs it.  Don't drink too much alcohol the night before and drink lots of water to hydrate your skin.

 Pinup is all about the face!  Whether you are curvy or straight, if you can make a good face, that is the most important thing!  Your facial expressions bring out your personality. Figure out your personal “pin-up personality”. Is it smoldering and sexy or cute and playful? Spend some time in front of the mirror finding out what expressions are best for you. Do what comes comfortably and most natural and your pictures will show that.  Also practice pinup poses.  The poses you pinned on Pinterest are what you need to practice so that they come natural to you and you are relaxed.  Be sure to let us know what your concerns are and what you feel is your best asset.  That way we can be sure your poses compliments the areas you are worried about and showcases your assets. Point your toes when you pose!  It will elongate the legs and make them look more graceful.  Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  This will keep you from having a double chin and slim the face.  Don't wear stockings that have elastic.  They will just make your legs look like sausages!  Wear nude sheer to waist hose to make your legs look more toned. Be sure to let us know of  any moles, tatoos or scars that you want touched up.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN!!!  We will put on some music and just have fun!  This session is a time to celebrate you.

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