Should I Tan Before my Shoot?
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
By Curve Boudoir
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Molly, I'm too pale!  Should I tan or get a spray tan?

The short answer? Probably not.  For anyone who knows me and Martha, we're pretty darn we feel your pain.  I know it seems obvious by now, but tanning is bad for your skin!  I just have to throw that out there.  It will age you faster, increase your risk of skin cancer, and give you an uneven complexion after a while.  I'm all about the SPF all day every day.

Also, if you don't usually tan, you really don't want to risk a sun burn right before your shoot.  Yikes! 

But what about spray tans?  This one's really up to you.  If you're already fair skinned, spray tans tend to leave you orange.  If you're experience at it, then go for it!  Just be sure to have it done a few days before your shoot- not right before.  If you don't get spray tans often, I'd opt out.  The truth is, you really don't need tan skin to look beautiful in photos.  Good lighting and mild skin warming post capture will make all the difference you need!  

Chat soon,

Martha & Molly

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