Ten reasons to do pinup portraits
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Saturday, August 08, 2015
By Martha Peoples
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What are pinup portraits?  It's a photography session where you get to play dress up!  You get to wear cute little outfits that have a special significance to you or your significate other with a retro spin.  You can show as much or as little as you would like!  It may seem a little ( ok, a lot) intimidating, so here are the top ten reasons you NEED to schedule a pinup/boudoir session!

1.  You'll get treated like a celebrity!  You'll be pampered from head to toe with hair, makeup, maybe a manicure and/or pedicure before your session.  When you arrive at the studio, you'll find your name on the door, snacks and drinks and little special touches awaiting you in your dressing room.   It's great therapy and wonderful for your self-esteem! You'll feel better than you have in years!

2.  You get to go shopping!  Take some time out for you and get fitted for some great lingerie for your body type.  It will be fun to use at home too!

3. Celebrate a milestone. Are you getting married, have an anniversary coming up or lost weight?  All are perfect reasons to have pinup portraits made.

4. You'll find out things about yourself you didn't even realize!  It's easy to be critical of yourself.  You see those 10 extra pounds and stretch marks every time you look in the mirror.  Embrace your body and concentrate on assets you didn't realize you had.  Enhance those curves, show off those legs!  It will really boost your self-esteem when you are posed properly.  Leave the posing and retouching to the professionals.

5. It's fun!  Finding outfits to wear and sneaking your husband's work shirt, hat or fishing pole is exciting.  You will have a blast playing dress up to the radio playing.  Even with wardrobe malfunctions you can't help but laugh and have a good time!

6. Shock your friends!  After they see how incredibly sexy you look, they'll all be jealous and want to book a session too! 

7. Every woman should have at least one picture (or a book of them) where they feel gorgeous. 

8. Make it a girls day out!  If you are nervous about coming by yourself, bring a friend or two.  It's always fun with your bestie to make you laugh and give you encouragement.  You can both have your special time in front of the camera and share the experience.

9. It's the best gift ever!  Would your husband rather have a new shirt or tie or a picture of you wearing his shirt or tie?  He'll adore having fun sexy pictures of his girl!  It's a great gift for yourself too!

10. Do it for YOU!  This session will make you feel great about yourself!

It's all about you!  It's time to celebrate your body and embrace your femininity!  Choose a photographer that specializes in pinup/boudoir for the ultimate experience.  It's time to indulge yourself.

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