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Why it's important to document a new school year
Thursday, August 20, 2015
By Martha Peoples
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It's the end of summer and school is starting back.  You get back into the "rat race" of school and extracurricular activities and before you know it, another school year has passed.  Your children grow up and all of a sudden, you can't remember everything they liked to do in kindergarten or 6th grade.  Sure you have their school pictures and mementoes from those days, but is it all in one place?  Can you look at a picture of your child at age 10 and know what their favorite subject was or their favorite color?  I have come up with a way to remember all of that in one portrait!  It's a "Back to School" composite.  For $65 you get a 20 minute session with a cool school background and an 8x10 collage documenting all of their favorites!  You can bring their favorite book bag or lunch box and let them wear their new school outfit.  It's a great way to have a keepsake of this important time in your child's life and a beautiful portrait also!

Here is a cool YouTube video on the importance of keeping, protecting and sharing pictures.  It's dated, but the concept is still the same!



Childhood goes by too fast.  Capture these precious moments with the "Back to School" session at Martha Peoples Photography.