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Tween time
Friday, October 28, 2016
By Martha Peoples Photography
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Do you remember being a tween?  The awkward stage that is between elementary school and high school?  I sure do.  I had braces and glasses and felt like a total geek!  I was terribly self- conscious.  I think that is the way most tweens feel.  Image how much better it would have been if I had had at least one beautiful image to build up my self- esteem.  Images that capture the personality and show the inner beauty of the tween is what I strive to capture in my tween photography. The experience they have with me is extraordinary, like nothing they have ever done before.  I let them be themselves, bringing their hobbies and dreams to life in the studio.  From the moment they step in the door, they are treated like royalty.  It really is ALL ABOUT THEM.  The products I offer with the images are fun as well as classic.  

Everything you do is  for your kids.  Your days off are spent traveling to their after school activities and games.  All you want is for your child to be happy and feel good about themselves. You don't want them to look back years from now and not see any photos of themselves at this age.   Their baby and toddler years are recorded in photos and video.  Their high school senior year will be memorable but what about the ages in between?  At the age of 10 to 13, kids aren't children anymore, but they are not quite teenagers either.  Don't miss out on capturing one of the most formative years of their lives, the tween years.  

Class of 2017 Model Reps
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
By Martha Peoples Photography
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Class of 2017 Model Reps

Recently I photographed my class of 2017 model representatives.  I had six beautiful girls from Lenoir and Pitt counties that are rising seniors that modeled for me this year.  The girls wore clothes from Emily's boutique in Goldsboro.  I have partnered with Emily in the past for the Relay for Life fashion shows.  She was very excited about the stylized shoot and helped the girls choose outfits that would be flattering and would coordinate with each other.  She has a great eye for fashion.

 Each girl chose 2 outfits, one to wear at the warehouse and one to wear outdoors.  I wanted to do an urban vogue setting with some classic Hollywood style B&W images as well as color.  I also wanted to capture the girls' more whimsical side in a BoHo shoot outdoors.  I went about trying to find a warehouse that would have a grungy look as well as good window light.  I found the perfect place in La Grange!  They were gracious enough to let us take over for a day!  I already had a perfect outdoor location so we were set to go.

Hair and make-up was included in the session.  Because of the number of models we had, I used 2 new and budding hair and make-up artists from Lenoir Community College.  Each girl was treated to a hair and make-up transformation by Victoria Hand or Art Castillo for their indoor shoot.  They chose classic Hollywood style hairdos and rich red lips and heavy eyeliner for a vintage vogue look.  I photographed them each individually, in smaller groups and as a whole group.  After a quick lunch break, Victoria and Art restyled each girl for their BoHo shoot and we headed outside.

For our outdoor shoot, I used an old jeep I have as our starting point.  We moved from there to a grassy field and then to other scenes that I had set up.  We ended with the pink parachute as the sun started going down.  Of course whenever working outdoors, there are always obstacles to overcome such as heat or cold, wind, rain and bugs!

This stylized shoot gave the girls a chance to model new fashions, learn new poses, be pampered with hair and make-up and make new friends!  It was a great opportunity for them see what professional models go through and even gives them a taste of being famous!  Their pictures will be showcased at Emily’s boutique and used in several of my publications.

Class of 2017 Model Reps

Recap on how to prepare for pet portraits
Thursday, January 14, 2016
By Martha Peoples
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With Pet Days quickly approaching, I have some tips on the best way to prepare for your session.  Remember, the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your pet will be!

You need to exercise your pet (especially dogs) at least an hour prior to your appointment.  Don't completely exhaust them.  You just want them a little tired so they will be calmer, but you still want their personality to come through.

Bring your pet hungry.  We will use treats to entice them during the shoot.

You should bring your pet's favorite treats.  Given in small amounts, treats can be used as an incentive to get your pet to do what we want.  It is best if your pet doesn't know that you have the treats until we are ready for them during the shoot.  I will have some treats at the studio, but your pet may prefer their favorite treat instead.

Grooming your pet is a personal decision, but you should bath them at least the day before their shoot.  If you do want to have them groomed, you should do that 1-2 days ahead of time.  It might be too much stress on them to do both in one day.  Two businesses that donate to our "Cutest Pet" contest, would be happy to help you with the grooming!  Pet Sense and The Dog House in Kinston both do a great job!

Your pet's favorite toy is a must.  Something your pet goes crazy for.  Not only will it be cute in your portrait, it will help to get their attention.  Squeaker toys are always welcome!  Of course I have some as well, but they might prefer their own toy.

We have lots of props but if there is anything special that you would like to be in your portrait, please bring it.  Your pet's bedding, blankets, collars, clothes or sweaters should also be brought.  Be sure to bring a leash to walk your dog around the studio when you get here.

You will play a very important role in the session.  You pet will be most comfortable with you close by so for this reason you will need to "assist" me in getting your pet's attention.  You may bring another family member or friend to help as well.  You should use a compassionate but authoritative tone of voice.  Never discipline you pet during the session.  They will figure out what you want them to do when you use soothing talk and positive reinforcements.  You may need to get in some of the portraits so dress appropriately.

Come a few minutes early so your pet can get acclimated to the studio.

Remember just a little preparation is the key to having your animal calm and comfortable during their photo session!


Favorite picks of 2015
Wednesday, January 06, 2016
By Martha Peoples
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Another year has come and gone and it is a time of reflection.  I have looked back over the images of the year and picked out my favorite 25. 

They are in no particular order, so I will start with pets from Pet Days 2015.  I love the image of Chloe as chef.  She sat perfectly for her portrait!  

I also had a blast photographing the seven rescue pups!  It's hard to resist a cute puppy!

I had the opportunity to work with many maternity and newborn sessions this past year. 


We had a lot of fun finding cute props for the newborns.  My little mermaid did perfectly in the fishing basket!

Oscar the Grouch even made an appearance!

Black & white is always classic. It is even more special when mom and or dad are in the photography as well.

The Storybook Collection is always one of my favorites to photograph.  This past year we went from Frozen and Fairytales to Summer Camp and painting as Little Picasso!

It is such a joy to photograph children and I especially love the ages 3 to 9.  They bring so much of their personalities to the session.

I had an opportunity to photograph the hot air balloon festival in Raleigh this past year.  It was so neat to watch them light up as the sun went down.

The coast is always a favorite of mine to capture.  My husband and I were able to travel with some other photographers and visit some places I had never been to before.


Pinup photography is one of my newest endeavors.  I had some really fun sessions in 2015. 

I had great seniors this past year.  We went from vintage Hollywood styles to high fashion.  I even started the "Live Portraits" with my senior sessions that incorporate a video within one of the portraits!

There were a lot of family sessions in 2015.  One of my favorites was also a "Live Portrait" session.  I blended a video in their family Christmas card.

I discovered how to make it snow in eastern North Carolina with a snow machine and powdered snow that becomes cold and wet when you add water to it.


 I finished the year with "The Night before Christmas".  Santa sessions are always popular here, but this year was the best ever!



I wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to working hard and creating beautiful images in 2016!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Thursday, November 19, 2015
By Martha Peoples
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It's hard to believe that it's that time of year again.  Time to put up the tree and hang the stockings.  Here in eastern North Carolina we don't have much snow, so here at Martha Peoples Photography, we decided to remedy that!  First I researched snow machines and found out that the snow from those does not always stay on the ground.  So I needed to come up with a way to have snow on the ground.  We were shooting outside, so I didn't want to have a lot of cotton laying on the ground.  I wanted it to look realistic.

 I found a product called artificial fake fluffy white snow powder.  This is the neatest thing ever!  You just add water and the powder turns into cold fluffy snow!  We had so much fun making it that all I wanted to do was quit work and play in the snow!

After making the snow, I laid it on the ground around the tree stand and then turned on the snow machine.  Voila!  Instant snow scene for Christmas portraits!  All we added was hot cocoa and trees!


The joy on the little girl's face was priceless!  Even the teenagers liked it.  I always like to find something fun and different to do during my sessions.  We have had painting sessions, cooking sessions and playing in the leaves, but I think this snow session is one of my all-time favorites!