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Handling bad behavior in children
Wednesday, April 04, 2018
By Martha Peoples Photography
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As parents we have a constant struggle with dealing with bad behavior from our children.  Sometimes it's hard to decide how to deal with it.  When my children were younger, they had been horsing around and broke something for the second or third time.  I had already dealt with this issue two other times, so this time I decided to take away the computer and tv since spanking wasn't doing any good.  Now that I had taken away their entertainment, I had to find something else for them to do.  I tried to think of something fun, creative and educational.  I came up with the idea of choosing a different country each week and making costumes for that country, eating food from there and listening to their music.  I also decorated the kitchen for that particular country.  The kids would go to the library with me to pick out books on the country, we would go to thrift stores to make costumes and make a menu for dinner.  It would take the whole week to come up with decorations, costumes and a menu.  By the end of the week, we would be ready to "put on our production".  We ended up doing 8 countries.  Now my children are grown and to this day, they talk about the year we did the countries!  I'm sure they would not remember what they watched on TV or played on the computer!

Full Figure Bathing Suits- NOT for Grandma
Monday, March 05, 2018
By Curve Boudoir
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It's MARCH aka time to find a bathing suit season.  Whoopee.. 

So we're a little old for spring break, and I've got a little too much going on for a string bikini.  Don't get me wrong, if you want to wear a bikini- go for it!  For me though, I'd feel a little more secure (mentally and boob-ally) with a little more coverage and support.  Lucky for us, one pieces are all the rage right now!  or so I thought...

I'm a 36 DD, so I was all for it when Target and Victoria's Secret started carrying swimsuits with bra sizes.  Usually though, they pretty much only do that with bikinis.  Turns out if you want a one piece, you can either get one with literally 0 breast support, or you can get something your grandmother would wear.  Cool..

Just because I have big boobs and want a little more tummy coverage, does not mean I am 90 years old.  

I shouldn't have to wear a tent, and don't get me started on "swim dresses".  I still have a body, and I'm not ashamed of it.  Some parts are just a little bigger than others and will fall out sometimes, if I'm not wearing the right thing.  That shouldn't mean I can't have a sexy or fun bathing suit.  

The good news is, there is something out there for us.  We just have to spend a little more time looking.  I want to help you out as best I can, so I've made a small list of places where you can find bathing suits that cover your mid section and support the girls- still with fun and sexy styles.  

1. Bare Necessities: online- regular and plus sizes.  I love this site, because there are a ton of categories to make finding what you're looking for easier.  They even have a separate section for DD+ that is separate from plus size.  Yes, you can have big boobs without being plus sized.  They also have real reviews on their website from customers, which makes choosing easier.  

2. Torrid: plus sizes.  Their 00 is a regular US size 12, and they go up from there. They do have a store in Cary, NC, and they have a ton of options online as well. 

3. Swimsuits for All: online- regular and plus sizes.  This is another site with a ton of categories.  They also have styles designed by Ashley Graham!  

4. asos: online- don't get discouraged by the tiny 20 year old models on this site.  Go under the size filter, and you'll see that they have an extensive list to choose from.  Here, you'll find young, trendy styles that still cover the mid section and support your breasts 

5. Cupshe: online.  I hesitate to include this one on here.  I do, because they have many tummy covering, underwire options, and the designs are fresh and fun.  Their sizing could definitely be more inclusive.  If you aren't confident in measuring yourself, this may not be the site for you.  

6. Target.com: I bring this up to remind you that while Target in store fails to stock underwire one pieces, they do have a much larger selection online.  These are so much cheaper than most of your other options, so it's worth checking out.  

7. Miracle Suit: online.  This is another site with great filters- including one just for DD+.  You have to weed through some more "granny" styles here, but if you keep looking, you will find sexier designs.  

I hope this helps!  I know there are probably many more pleaces, and I wish there were more not exclusively online.  If you know of another place, help a girl out and leave it in the comments!  

- Molly


Should I Tan Before my Shoot?
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
By Curve Boudoir
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Molly, I'm too pale!  Should I tan or get a spray tan?

The short answer? Probably not.  For anyone who knows me and Martha, we're pretty darn pale..so we feel your pain.  I know it seems obvious by now, but tanning is bad for your skin!  I just have to throw that out there.  It will age you faster, increase your risk of skin cancer, and give you an uneven complexion after a while.  I'm all about the SPF all day every day.

Also, if you don't usually tan, you really don't want to risk a sun burn right before your shoot.  Yikes! 

But what about spray tans?  This one's really up to you.  If you're already fair skinned, spray tans tend to leave you orange.  If you're experience at it, then go for it!  Just be sure to have it done a few days before your shoot- not right before.  If you don't get spray tans often, I'd opt out.  The truth is, you really don't need tan skin to look beautiful in photos.  Good lighting and mild skin warming post capture will make all the difference you need!  

Chat soon,

Martha & Molly

Makeup: Using Highlighters
Monday, February 26, 2018
By Curve Boudoir
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Everyone is crazy for contouring, right?  If done correctly, it can add so much definition and bring out your natural bone structure.  Common question:

Molly, should I use a highlighter on boudoir day?

The kind of highlighter most of y'all mean is "strobing"- a powder, liquid, or cream you use to add shimmer to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, under your eyebrows, and even to your forehead and chin.  The idea is to give your skin that "glow", dewy finish to make you look younger and more radiant.  

Here's the thing...

In front of the camera, unless you have FLAWLESS skin, too much strobing will just highlight all the little bumps, scars, and pores you're trying so hard to hide.  NO!  In the end, it's up to you.  But for most people, I recommend a matte highlighter for contouring (just use foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone) and a light dusting of shimmer on cheekbones and bridge of nose only- if anything. Opt out of white/ iridescent products, and go for shimmer that is closer to your skin tone. 

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite products- comment below!

Chat soon,




Tween time
Friday, October 28, 2016
By Martha Peoples Photography
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Do you remember being a tween?  The awkward stage that is between elementary school and high school?  I sure do.  I had braces and glasses and felt like a total geek!  I was terribly self- conscious.  I think that is the way most tweens feel.  Image how much better it would have been if I had had at least one beautiful image to build up my self- esteem.  Images that capture the personality and show the inner beauty of the tween is what I strive to capture in my tween photography. The experience they have with me is extraordinary, like nothing they have ever done before.  I let them be themselves, bringing their hobbies and dreams to life in the studio.  From the moment they step in the door, they are treated like royalty.  It really is ALL ABOUT THEM.  The products I offer with the images are fun as well as classic.  

Everything you do is  for your kids.  Your days off are spent traveling to their after school activities and games.  All you want is for your child to be happy and feel good about themselves. You don't want them to look back years from now and not see any photos of themselves at this age.   Their baby and toddler years are recorded in photos and video.  Their high school senior year will be memorable but what about the ages in between?  At the age of 10 to 13, kids aren't children anymore, but they are not quite teenagers either.  Don't miss out on capturing one of the most formative years of their lives, the tween years.